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Black Lives Matter
Union Square, NYCMore photos from the Ferguson Solidarity Rally/NMOS14 Vigil (NYC)


theFiligree on Etsy

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Future Fish AU Transform! Nanase HarukaThe others are still in progress but I’ll do them all someday! (・∀・ )

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I never tell people off the bat that I’m gay. I wait. I wait until they say some homophobic shit and then I laugh and am like “you know I’m gay right?” And watch the look of terror on their face.

i like you

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it’s a metaphor. you put the spider between your teeth, but you don’t actually swallow it, so you stay average and spiders georg remains an outlier who shouldn’t have been counted.

This is it. This is the beginning of the end. Eventually every single overused joke will be combined into one giant post that is the death of fun as this website collapses in on itself and we all go straight to skeleton hell jail

Not all jokes

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